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I’m Trevor Piggott, and I specialise in crafting custom songs and music tailored exclusively to your project. Whether it’s a commercial, brand identity, or TV series, I thrive on composing catchy, poignant songs & melodies that encapsulate the very essence of your vision. My mission? To create a musical fingerprint that’s uniquely yours, making your project impossible to imitate and unforgettable to audiences. Let’s elevate your brand with music that speaks directly to its soul.

Audio Showreel



Trevor Piggott is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from London, UK.

– The Artist

Embarking on his musical journey at 8, Trevor Piggott swiftly mastered the guitar, winning his first talent contest at 13. Transitioning from a rock band drummer to a folk duo vocalist/guitarist, he graced stages alongside legends like Suzie Quattro and the late Jeff Buckley. As an integral part of the 6-piece family harmony group “Dragonfly,” Trevor performed at esteemed venues such as The Royal College of Music and The Wyndhams Theatre in London. Co-founding the folk-rock group Tear, whose songs were an eclectic mix of earthly world music to thumping rock! Tear captivated audiences at renowned festivals, including Glastonbury and The V Festival.

In 2009, Trevor’s musical horizons expanded internationally where, by invitation, he showcased for EMI Music Publishing in Poland, leading to the creation of the UK/Polish pop-rock band ‘The Few.’ Their pivotal television performance at The Top Trendy Music Festival marked a turning point, securing a film score opportunity and a significant single’s publishing deal for Trevor’s composition ‘Shine A Light.’

In 2022, Trevor was commissioned to write the original music score and soundtracks for the 6-part documentary series “UNITED,” released on Paramount Plus in January 2023, chronicling the remarkable journey of an Australian football team and features Australia’s World Cup superstar John Aloisi. Trevor also recently composed, recorded, and produced ‘The Smallest Cog,’ a song for Richard Hammond’s TV series ‘Richard Hammond’s Workshop,’ which has made its way to production.

Trevor’s musical journey finds its dynamic counterpart in the collaborative synergy with Bianca Ross, forming the powerhouse duo Jones & Ross, a singer-songwriting partnership that transcends boundaries and genres. Together, they craft an eclectic blend of melodies, showcased on their website Under this moniker, Trevor and Bianca’s compositions defy expectations and resonate with depth. Their partnership is a testament to collaboration’s creative power, inviting listeners to experience the pure magic of shared musical expression.

– The Writer

With an unwavering passion for every musical style, Trevor crafts compositions and musical themes tailored to any taste and preference, as showcased in his audio showreel.

Through his lyrical craftsmanship, Trevor brings to life the myriad shades of human emotion, creating a timeless tapestry of sound and sentiment.

– The Producer

Trevor’s journey in the realm of studios spans back to 1989, where he delved into the intricacies of sound as both an artist and an assistant engineer/producer. His expertise blossomed from the humble beginnings of mastering recording techniques on large analogue consoles, navigating through 1/4″ and 1/2″ tape mediums, advancing seamlessly to the realms of DAT and computer-based recording. Mentored by acclaimed mixing engineer Mike Senior (renowned for his work with Sound on Sound, and credited on albums by the likes of Wet Wet Wet, and REEF) and mastering maestro Ian Shepherd (credited with works for Keane, Deep Purple), Trevor’s craftsmanship reflects a blend of seasoned mastery and boundless creativity.

The Studio

Professionally acoustically treated and sonically tested


Mac Studio, Apple M1 Max with 10-core CPU, 24-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine. G-Drive external drives (Thunderbolt) – online backup (Back Blaze).

Yamaha HS7s, Avantone Mix Cube monitors
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, Sony MDR-7506/1 Pro, AKG K702
UA Apollo Twin Audio interface (thunderbolt edition)
Goldmike tube mic preamp
Komplete Kontrol S61 Keyboard

Logic Pro X
NI Komplete Ultimate
East West – All Access
Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings
Slate Digital All Access

Gibson J45 Standard Acoustic
Martin 16 GTE Acoustic
Yamaha Nylon
Fender Strat (USA)
Gibson Les Paul
Yamaha Bass

Live Room:

Various selection of condenser and dynamic mics including:
Neumann (TLM 103, K184), Sure SM7B, Audio-Technica AT2031 Stereo Pair

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Old Farm Studio, Cambs, United Kingdom


+44 07825 222264


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